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My name is Jim and this is the home of NOW That's What I Call Podcasting, a show that talks about the NOW That's What I Call Music Series on a track by track basis. .


11/10/18: Calendar updated

Upcoming Shows

11/11/18: Eliminated: 1992 Royal Rumble (w/Ted)

11/11/18: NOW That's What I Call Podcasting 36 (Guest Starring Bill)

11/18/18: NOW That’s What I Call Podcasting 37 (Guest Starring Pete aka Kenshin 1913)

11/25/18: Eliminated: 1993 Royal Rumble (w/Chris Harrington)

11/25/18: NOW Podcasting Presents: I Admit It Podcast Special (Guest Starring: Rowdy Ross)

12/2/18: NOW Podcasting: Christmas 4 (Part 1) (Guest Starring: Bill)

12/9/18: Lessons From The Royal Rumble Special

12/16/18: NOW Podcasting: Christmas 4 (Guest Starring: Bill)

12/23/18: Eliminated: The Greatest Royal Rumble

1/6/19: Eliminated: 2000 Royal Rumble

1/20/19: Eliminated: 2004 Royal Rumble

2/3/19: Eliminated: 2013 Royal Rumble

2/17/18: Eliminated: Statistics Special

Latest Episode

NOW That's What I Call Podcasting 36

(Guest Starring: Bill)

Elvis Presley is on a NOW Music Compilation.....that was released in 2010?!?!?! Bill joins Jim to talk about NOW Music 36. This episode includes a reference to the song "Ohio", figuring out who are The Secret Sisters, Nelly's return to the series, and more as NOWvember continues.