Welcome to the 3rd Annual Television Draft. On this page, you can see and keep track of the draft picks made for the TV Draft


Team Jim


The Gifted (FOX) (Debuted 10/2/17) +1

Deception (ABC) (Debut TBD) (Traded for Showtime's "Chi")

Dark (Netflix) (Debuted 12/1/17) (Renewed 12/21/17) +2

The Orville (FOX) (Debuted 9/10/17) (Renewed 11/2/17) (+1)

Dynasty (CW) (Debuted 10/11/17)

Catfish: Trolls (MTV) (Debut TBD) (Traded for Showtime's "Chi")

Kevin Probably Saves The World (ABC) (Debuted 10/3/17)

Chi (Showtime) (Debuted 1/7/18)

Total: +4

Team Bill


Young Sheldon (CBS) (Debuted 9/25/17 (Renewed 1/6/18) +1

Black Lightning (CW) (Debut TBD)

Marvel's Runaways (Hulu) (Debuts 11/21/17)

Splitting Up Together (ABC) (Debut TBD)

Greenhouse Academy (Netflix) (Debuted 9/8/17) (Renewed 11/20/17) +1

Me Myself and I (CBS) (Debuted 9/25/17) (Cancelled 11/1/17) (-1)

Jean Claude Van Johnson (Amazon) (Debuting 12/15/17)

Total: +1

Team Shannon


Star Trek Discovery (CBS All Access) (Debuted 9/24/17) (Renewed 10/23/17) (+2)

Marvel's Inhumans (ABC) (Debuted 9/29/17)

AP Bio (NBC) (Debut TBD)

The Deuce (HBO) (Debuted 9/10/17) (Renewed 9/17/17) (+2)

Future Man (Hulu) (Debuts 11/14/17)

Seal Team (CBS) (Debuted 9/27/17)

The Crossing (ABC) (Debut TBD)

Total: +4

Team Rowdy Ross


The Good Doctor (Debuted 9/25/17)

Mindhunter (Netflix) (Debuted 10/13/17) (Renewed 12/1/17) (+1)

Ghosted (FOX) (Debuted 10/1/17)

Law and Order True Crime (NBC) (Debuted 9/26/17)

10 Days In The Valley (ABC) (Debuted 10/1/17)

The Resident (FOX) (Debut TBD)

Rise (NBC) (Debut TBD)

Total: +1