The Kingdom Hearts Power Hour

Disney Talk, Bad Impressions, Progress

The Kingdom Hearts Power Hour is a show where Jim plays through the Kingdom Hearts series while also talking about Disney related topics.

Artist Note: This show was originally supposed to be a podcast AND video cast. Unfortunately, uploading times/processes have not improved in a number of years. Due to this, the video version of the show will not be available. This was not known before some of these recordings. I apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Chapter 1: Ship Me Baby One More Time

Chapter 2: Adventures In Wonderland

Chapter 3: 2 For 1

Chapter 4 With A Few Good Friends

Chapter 5: Arabian Knight

Chapter 6: Under Da Sea

Chapter 7: This Is Halloween

Chapter 8: Pan Handling

Chapter 9: Winnie The Pooh and Jimmy Too

Chapter 10: Beauty and The Key