NOW That's What I Call Podcasting

NOW That’s What I Call Podcasting is a show that talks about the music from the NOW That’s What I Call Music Series on a track by track basis.

Started in December 2014, as part of another podcast, it has now spun off into its own show.

Every other week, there is a new episode. In addition to going through the main series, we go through the spins offs and sometimes have a movie review or other kind of special.

At the end of the episodes, there is a "Most Likely To Karaoke" and "Least Likely To Karaoke". Plus, a randomly chosen artist is featured on the "Where Are They NOW" segment.

Archived shows begin with NOW That's What I Call Podcasting 1-25 recap special. Due to production reasons, the older episodes will only be available in clip form if revisiting a song.